Welcome to my Apiary website called RainbowApiary.

Apiary trams in a picturesque area in prarzeczu Vistula, in the village Cieciszew gm. Konstancin Jeziorna. Although agricultural areas, farming in this area is conducted. So that the negative impact of chemicals use in agriculture is not reflected in the health and condition of the bees and bees collect nectar pure not tainted by the residues of plant protection products.

Apiary is entered in the Register of the District Veterinary Officer.

Currently I have 35 collonies.

The main pożytkami around the apiary are:

- Spring clones (honey maple) because of the season - early spring difficult to obtain

- rape

- Acacia

- lime

- Goldenrod (a relatively new type of honey produced in the early autumn)

- And a whole bunch of melliferous plants that make honey.

I am a young beekeeper. Apiary is focused on the production of honey without the chemicals in the hive. Chemicals used to combat pests, parasites obtained by the use of chemicals, whose residues can enter the wax and then the honey.

Fighting parasites on BEEVITAL lean. It is a natural product, whose operation is reduced to activate the self-cleaning mechanism in bees. Certified organic product. In addition, probiotic preparations used apiary like ApiFarma and AipBioFarma to dezyfnekcji hives, equipment Pasieczny and to improve the condition of bees in the hive environment.

I am a member of the Polish Association of Beekeepers "Polanka" With the training organized by the Association as well as through peer support Beekeepers have substantial support and assistance during the occurrence of troubles and problems. Extremely pleased me is that whenever I ask receives a response to my question. I offer special thanks to Ms. Elizabeth Kowalczyk President.

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O zdrowym miodzie w Naszym Mieście

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Wydanie specjalnie Nasze Miasto Konstancin-Jeziorna pisze o Tęczowej Pasiece, zdrowym miodzie i przepysznym piwie.

Więcej w poniższej gazetce.


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